San Francisco

We had two days in San Francisco but unfortunately I didn’t get off until late afternoon on the first day. I decided to take the hop on hop off bus on my own (I had purchased a Go City Card which was discounted for five attractions (I purchased it online before leaving for the trip)).

It was very fascinating travelling through San Francisco, we were driving through several districts and one that stuck a cord was the Tenderloin district. The tenderloin district is the poorest and has the highest number of homeless and driving through, you could really see this.

The bus also took us through the financial district and to Union Square.

The whole of the tour took around three hours and included going across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was very windy and after getting back on bus for the return trip, I opted to stay at the bottom of the bus. Because the sun not being out, the bridge doesn’t look as colourful as the photos you see. I did manage to get a really nice photo from the Walt Disney Museum (it will be below as it was on day 2)

The bus then returned to Pier 39 where I visited the Aquarium. I found the aquarium pretty sad as the enclosures seem quite small. Take a look at the photos and decide for yourself. Usually, the aquariums that I have been to have been quite big but this one wasn’t very big or nice (in my opinion).

I walked back to the ship to have a last dinner with my table mates as three of them were getting off tomorrow.

On day two, I decided to get up and be off the ship by 10am. I got an Uber to The Walt Disney Museum. I am a big fan of Walt Disney and the very first holiday abroad that I went on was to Florida – it was a competition that my mum and dad won. I even remember the day we got the letter! It was when I was leaving for my last year of junior school (year 6) trip to Swanage. This was in 1984 and most of my brothers had gone on cruises for their year trip, but because of the Falklands War, the ships had been called to duty, anyway, I digress!!

Going into the Walt Disney Family museum was like reading his biography in 3D. I walked around in awe of everything! There was a lot of information and original drawings. Here is a selection of the photos I took (and I took loads!) I will place lots more photos on my Facebook page on my return when I have better internet).

There was a walkway that had ceiling to floor glass and had the most fabulous view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

There was then a spiral walkway that reminded me a bit of Epcot centre and at the bottom was a layout of Disney World.

Walking on through, there was a lot of interactive activities to take part in too. Learning how to operate an animatronic parrot and it isn’t as easy as it looks!

After leaving the Disney museum, I got an Uber to the Union Square in the hope of finding Lombard Street on the trolley. Lombard Street is an east–west street in San Francisco, California that is famous for a steep, one-block section with eight hairpin turns. The trolley stopped near Lombard Street, but it looked too far to walk, so I got back on a different trolley and carried on the route which ended at Fisherman’s Wharf.

One of the museums I wanted to visit was near there so I decided to go visit. This was Ripleys Museum. Lots of strange things in the museum – see photos!

Just a short walk away was San Francisco’s Madam Tussauds. As I had been to the one in Sydney, I decided I should visit this one too. It was pretty much the same as the Sydney one, only a little bit more based on America. I was happy to see that there was no President Trump there!!

I was also going to do the dungeons, but opted not to. I have done the one in London, though.

After I left Madam Tussauds, I carried on walking along the waterfront towards pier 39. Pier 39 is famous for its sea lion colony!

I then took a walk through the shops on the pier, purchased some sweets and chocolates for the crew back on board, had a 10 minute walk outside the Hard Rock Cafe while trying to decide if I could walk back or get a bike taxi. I decided that I didn’t want to let a poor cyclist take my weight so opted to take a slow walk back! I made it back to the ship, but was extremely tired, but was happy with what I had seen in San Francisco.

San Francisco was lovely and is a place where I would like to visit again. So many places I didn’t get to see and do, so I will be back!