Brisbane – Australia Zoo

Due to the unexpected delay to the embarkation onto Sea Princess due to Cyclone Oma, I decided to visited Australia Zoo. I had meant to go when I came to Australia in 2017, but it was too hot and my friend Nicki had told me it was quite big to walk around and there was very little cover. Being a bit apprehensive about the amount of walking and the temperature, I decided not to go. On this trip, my solo friend, Sue, had decided to fly out to join me for the NZ cruise and the rest of the trip in Australia. With this in mind, Sue and I decided that if we were going to go to Australia Zoo, we were going to do it in style so we hired a chauffeur driven caddie which came with our very own tour guide. We decided that this would give us a good chance of seeing a lot of the zoo and we wouldn’t have to walk a lot!!

a map of the zoo

We arrived at 10am in time for our Caddie tour and we had 5 hours to explore the zoo. As we drove around, our first stop was with some lovely ladies who were holding some of the animals for visitors to have a photo taken with (they had a professional photographer on hand as well). I took a few snaps.

After taking some lovely selfies with the animals, we continued our tour and went past the tortoises where there was a talk about them. We stopped briefly for photos. They were massive. They are native to the Galapagos Islands.

We were given some kangaroo food and then went to the kangaroo enclosure to feed them. They were all just lazing around and looking cute.

Walking through the kangaroo enclosure, we then came to the Koala area. I much preferred seeing the Koalas in their natural habitat which you will see in later blogs.

We then headed off to Africa. Africa was Steve Irwin’s dream and his family have bought it to life. It really is a big ‘enclosure’ and has the animals together as they would be in Africa.

We then continued on to see the crocodile show. I have put a video of this on my facebook page. We were given VIP seats and also got to meet some of the other animals.

After seeing the show and having some lunch we headed out to the Animal Hospital. Australia’s largest and busiest wildlife hospital. While in there, I saw a kangaroo in a man made pouch who had just arrived. It’s mother had been killed and they managed to save the joey.

We were also shown the operating area and there was lots of Koala’s in there in who were injured or they had gonorrhea (which is quite common among the Koalas).

We then took a look around the rest of the zoo, which included birds, meerkats, lizards and the tigers.

Our next stop was at ‘Bindi’s Island which is where the Lemurs were. The Lemurs were roaming around and you are requested to remain at least two feet away from them. If they come to you, that is different, but you shouldn’t approach them. They looked like they had a lot of character and the keepers certainly knew them. The island was also home to the tortoises.

Before leaving, we visited the Steve Irwin museum. I have lots of photos and it was nice to see him so well remembered.

My Facebook post of the Crocodile show caused a bit of a controversy, as my Facebook friends accused the keepers were of tormenting the crocodiles for the performance as shown in the video. Although I don’t tend to agree with zoos, I found Australia Zoo very nice and pleasant and the animals looked well cared for and had plenty of space.

There is currently a big problem for the crocs in Queensland. There is new legislation that allows for the harvesting of crocodile eggs for commercial and scientific use. Australia Zoo has put up a petition here to try and stop it. Also, here is a link to a Facebook video by the Irwin family explaining it in more detail.

As always, I have a lot more photos, so will upload them all to my Facebook page. Thank you for reading, and don’t forget, that, if you are looking for a holiday, I am now an Independent Travel Consultant and can take your bookings. My Facebook Page is linked here. I look forward to hearing from you!

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