10 reasons to do a World Cruise with P &O Cruises

I wanted to do a different kind of top 10 and rather than being my own opinions, I thought I would ask my P&O World Cruise Facebook group why they chose to do the World Cruise with P&O. After all, its important to listen to our customers, and if they like a certain cruise line, we should share the reasons why.

1 – Great for Solos! P&O are very good for solo cruisers. They have adult only ships, solo cabins and often have meet ups for solo passengers.

My reason for choosing P&O was the itinerary and the fact the cruise went it Brisbane. I’ve also cruised with P&O before and loved the experience. Janine Chrispin, Bristol, UK

I am a solo cruiser and did my first World Cruise 2 years ago with P&O Arcadia. I had such a wonderful time I am hoping I will have the same experience 2nd time around. Jennifer Mitchell, Milton Keynes, UK

2 – Itineraries. P&O offer a range of itineraries and with the World Cruise it is split into sectors giving customers the option to do parts of the cruise to places they want to visit.

It was the places the trip was going and the time of year. We try to holiday in the winter rather than the summer. We had done Southampton to Australia with Princess through the Suez so to go the other way through Panama was great. The fact that it’s with P & O was not a major factor, as we like all cruise lines. We are doing Southampton to Hong Kong. Val Rose, Devon, UK.

We have chosen this P and O cruise because of the dates, the itinerary and because it sailed from the UK. We went on Arcadia last Christmas, we liked the ship but the cruise director was poor. Hoping for a better one for this trip, it would make all the difference. Linda Birchmore, Middle Wallop, Hampshire, UK

3 – Value for Money. P&O offer good value for money with their cruises and there is a lot included in the fare. 24/7 food, gym, swimming, entertainment and of course the opportunity to meet new people.

I happened to come across a sale online with P&O UK, the price was very good as was the onboard credit. It had always been a dream for me to do this cruise. Everything just seemed to fall into place at the right time. We usually cruise with Celebrity and have enjoyed all the cruises on Solstice and Millennium. Of course for me a big plus is no cooking, no cleaning, JOY! First time with P&O UK. Allan Jenkins, Cairns, Australia

4. A brand you can trust. P&O have a good reputation and have built a solid brand. They have a good following and a lot of people trust them.

Only cruised with P&O and at the moment I can find no fault with them so not worth risking another company. Marion Ridsdill Birmingham UK

We have always cruised with P & O and only know what we’ve been told about other cruise lines some good some bad. We’ve always enjoyed our previous cruises so decided on P & O for our first world cruise. Better the devil you know. Joan Grace, Coventry, UK.

5. Departures from Southampton. The choice of cruises from Southampton is possibly the best of any departure port in the world. Southampton is easy to reach by aeroplane, train and car.

We are from the Netherlands and did several (10) cruises with HAL. We wanted to do a worldcruise with HAL but realised we would visit many ports already visited. So we came across P&O. They visit some different ports and, also important they leave and arrive in “nearby” Southampton, language spoken is English and -not least important- the price was very right. Willem Gelens, Netherlands

We wanted to visit Australia again and some of the South Pacific Island nations without the long flights involved. Cruising is therefore the only option. Only a few cruise lines offer this possibility and, of them, we are most familiar with P&O. Ron Fairbairn, Hampshire, UK

6. Friendly staff and crew. Many people cruise with P&O because they find that the staff are friendly, familiar and happy to help and feel that they are visiting family when cruising with P&O.

I had sailed with P&O lots and my daughter worked on Arcadia for a year her first ship and our first P&O. During that year we became part of the family x Love the ship and the people. Dawn Budd, UK

We have always cruised with P & O and only know what we’ve been told about other cruise lines some good some bad. We’ve always enjoyed our previous cruises so decided on P & O for our first world cruise. Better the devil you know. Joan Grace, Coventry, UK.

7. World Cruise Sector Embarkation locations. With the world cruise, there are sectors, so if you are not doing the whole world cruise, you can visit locations that may not be available all year around.

We are sailing Southampton to SAN Francisco. My friend has travelled with P&O on nearly 40 cruises over many years and thinks they are the best company to book with. I am relatively new to cruising in comparison having done four previous trips with P&O plus one with Cunard and one with TUI. My friend wanted me to experience sailing the Panama Canal as well as visit SAN Francisco. Both new trips for me but ones she has enjoyed previously. Wendy Castling, Marske by the Sea near Redcar, UK

We are doing Sydney to Singapore. I have always wanted to visit Australia and the Far East so this way we get to see it in one holiday. The dates worked well for us too. Sandra Harvey, UK

Our reason was basically due to the dates fitting in. We wanted to do a cruise around NZ but didn’t want to fly home from Sydney as one way will be bad enough! Having done a few cruises on P&O we were quite happy to do the long trip home with them. Stephen Skitt, Woolwich, UK

All the words above are genuinely from member of the P&O World Cruise Arcadia 2019 Facebook group.

8. The onboard Language is English. If English is the only language, then you’re in luck with P&O as all announcements are made in English.

9. British themed ships. All P&O ships are English themed and even have an English pub and a traditional British Sail away party. And I mean with flag waving and everything. Its a bit like the last night of the proms!

10. It’s a cashless system. When you check in in the cruise terminal, they take your credit card details and a photo and issue you with a card. This card is important and it is used to open the door of your cabin, check in and off the ship in ports and to pay for drinks, spa treatment and anything that you haven’t pre paid. There is no need to carry any cash on board and you can check your account anytime either at reception or on the cabin TV if it is offered.

If you can think of any more reasons to travel with P&O, please comment below. I would love to hear why you think you should do a World Cruise with P&O.

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